New Hat City

This is my most popular level, currently sitting at over 47,000 lifetime downloads with a 5 star rating. This level consists of an expansive city with multiple objectives and beautiful environments that are filled with details. You can bounce on car hoods, swing from traffic lights, and use the environment to navigate the streets, rooftops, and even building interiors. This level took hundreds of hours to fully complete due to its scale and wide variety of new mechanics- and is a fan favorite in the Hat in Time Steam Workshop.

While there are multiple objectives in the level, my personal favorite thing to do is roam around and explore. Due to the level’s sandbox nature, I made sure that there are plenty of creative ways to quickly get around, whether it be by wall jumping, sprinting on boost pads, swinging, or bouncing. There are tons of items to collect, NPCs to talk to, and many custom mechanics such as the option for the player to toggle the time of day and weather.

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