Tag: Coding

Sigmund- A Psychology Chat Bot

Meet Sigmund, a chat bot created to chat with a user or patient in order to collect data on their mood or mental state. While Sigmund cannot treat a patient or help them with their problems, it collects data in the form of strings that the user inputs in their answers. This allows for a …

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Image Color Calculator

With this program, the user must provide an image and choose two pixels on the image to average the color of. This can also easily be expanded to more than 2 pixels in order to fully capture a more representative color of the whole image. Some applications such as Spotify use this technology to make …

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Linguistics MLU Calculator

In Linguistics, MLU (Mean Length of Utterance) is a measure used to represent linguistic proficiency. It is often used to track language development in children to ensure that they are on the right track to communicating verbally. In order to calculate MLU, you must take a spoken sample and count how many morphemes and utterances …

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