3D Modeling

I 3D Model with the Sketchup browser client, usually with the intention of 3D printing the design. Here I will post both the 3D model and the printed product of things that I make. All of my prints are done on a Creality Ender Pro 3 and are made with PLA.

Bendy Caterpillar

I created this caterpillar to test out joints that allow for prints to bend- these can be seen in between the segments. The caterpillar can curl up and straighten out and does not require any supports to print.

Homemade Picture Frame

I designed this frame in two pieces- the back base with supports, and the front frame plate. All you have to do is glue the two pieces together, then you can slide the desired photo in through a slot at the top of the frame. I used a metallic grey PLA for the frame, black for the supporting back piece.

Rubix Cube Pencil Cup

This design features two compartments to hold pens and pencils to organize a desktop. It features two seperate components- the main piece consisting of the block with the empty slots in it, and the 36 small colorful squares that snap right into the slots without glue. When printing, I used red, green, blue, and yellow PLA for the squares and black for the base. Surprisingly enough, I was able to print the overhangs of the base without using any supports.

Bed Headboard Shelf

I made this shelf to fit right onto the side of my bed headboard. It is pretty sturdy though not very big, so it works best for holding smaller items such as other 3D printing projects, a phone while charging, or anything else of that size. I also reversed this design and printed one for the other side of my bed. I measured the size of the gap to fit just right with the bed, so it remains stable and never falls. I also included a mini backboard so items would not fall off the back of the shelf.

Potted Cactus

I used this project to practice a few techniques, such as multiple colored prints, curved shapes, and combining art styles. Specifically, the cactus as a ‘flat’ and simple style while the pot holding it up is ‘3D’ and stands on its own. While the cactus does fit right into the pot, I glued them together to keep the two pieces from seperating.

Flat Standing Decorations

I designed these two objects as desktop decorations, one being a Rutgers logo and the other a Wug- a reference to a famous linguistics experiment. Both are multicolored prints, consisting of a colorful inner piece with a black outline that allows it to stand up. I made these by designing the outer support piece/shape first, and then trimming down a border around the shape so it fits inside.